Epic in the Ordinary

by The Safires

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Clayton Giles
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Clayton Giles Intelligent, soulful and mellow singer-songwriter duo. Interesting chord changes, lovely voices with beautiful harmonies, great guitar. I'm usually not a fan of these types of lyrics, but there's so much going on musically that the whole thing works for me. An album worth many listenings. Favorite track: Little Annie.
Andrew Dubber
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Andrew Dubber Grown up pop music with a glossy sheen, but with some very clever things going on underneath. Sneaks up on you. Favorite track: Honey Tear.
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Stray Dogs 03:33
Stray dogs (lyrics Bex Mather and Kirk McElhinney) Breakdown heartache Stray dog hounding Retrace opaque Forsake, for your sake Pieces, haunt me Shadows, stalk me Memories that I cant leave behind Answers but of the wrong kind
Honey Tear 03:08
Honey tear (Lyrics Bex Mather) Go lightly she said, I'm dying young soul I'm begging of you my sweet heart Please take off your boots And mind how you tread I'm aching and fading things are different now One hair from your head Should fall to my skin I'm battered and bruised, torn black and blue One sweet honey tear down porcelain cheek I'll swallow and gulp I'll cough and I'll choke Till you go And take your words with you Go and hurt me no more Go things are different now Go lightly she said I'm fragile and weak now Blatant mistaken Foundations shaken Reflections of figures dancing in water Disturbing the night as we go Go lightly she said Despair cannot live here Breathless and loveless and loved less and careless And I'll find my home in the depths of the ocean
Sweet Rose 04:25
Sweet Rose (Mather/McElhinney) I look within your eyes Taken back, through shards of light Where is this place I hear within your sighs A sign there'll be no compromise Every touch leaves a trace Open's my mind Free thinking flows Open's my mind To open doors Close to this earth Running wild In the secret of your smile Footprints In the sand Our future's held Read the palm of your hand Dust to dust We go round When I see the ocean so blue below Make's possibilities They bloom and grow When I breathe in Sweet sweet rose Dreamtime to tell our stories Let me breathe imagination it carries me
7even 05:05
Seven (lyrics Bex Mather and Kirk McElhinney) Catch my breath Old familiar Slip into yer How did I fall Silence, sits with me Fear breeds fear Reflections show clear Reflections show All my passengers rise Rise up to greet me dance The terror of your soul In lies the darkness told And whisper to me why All that glitters is not gold And from this dust I I will learn how to... Hold on Spring comes
Mantra and Myth (Lyrics Bex Mather) I don't make it easy Wrap it up in knots All tied up in complicated in the solar places I know it goes deep Proving that you mean it Half measures do not count I don't deny I've seen it Turn my insides out Hand over hand, blindfolded She waits to hang scratching at your skin Step by step towards darkness moves Mantra and myth embracing...sin Can't iron out these creases Please just let me crawl inside Invisible I'll twist and coil, weave with the threads From this violence I hide Diligence is draining aching through my veins But the minotaur wont leave me He knows my name
Daisy Chains 03:33
Daisy Chains (lyrics Bex Mather) Daisy chains Lying in till midday Hazy gaze Summer rains Sprinklers on the lawn They sing your name Something like a sunday Sweet nothings on a sunday Till the rain comes Till the rains come Agains Boats on lakes Were woken by the sunrise The first rays Birds begin Sunsets on the tarmac And crickets sing Hand in hand Swimming through the turquoise Your freckled face We've left the land Hopeless and we're helpless With time to loose
One Tooth Down (lyrics Mather / McElhinney/ McEwan) Heart on his sleeve Through the shadows of no sleep Kicking up the pavement puddles Brogues upon his feet He had it all planned The dinner, her hand An SMS don't cut it When you're left standing on the street The daylight fades The Parade Friday night begins Shimmering skin The thin blue flame And all the shame Of their fight sets in No light gets in Sirens and heels 2 for 1 deals Knocking back tequila Till he's tasting his last meal Arm round a lass He goes in fast He doesn't see the freight train Till he's lying on the tracks The mirror ball Show's it all Spinning round Up on his feet He goes to speak Who moved the ground He's one tooth down Please don't hurt me Staggers off home No keys and no phone Stale beer and blood stains Making patterns on his clothes Cut's through the park Unaware of the dark Get's his head down on a bench Till the dawn chorus starts Then fear sets in The doubt begins The night before What was it for?
Simple 04:02
Simple (lyrics Bex Mather, Kirk McElhinney and Jason Singh) Started out into this again Back at the beginning when I should be at the end It ain't so simple I know those times when I feel alone I stay away when I should be here at home I'm falling keep falling down I'm fighting from the inside out Can you teach me how To go lightly Started out onto this again Same old path same old wounds to mend It ain't so simple Am I young tell me am I old cos I've been told I've been here before It ain't to simple I hear it, it takes me back Keep searching I trace the map I'm breaking, keep falling down I'm fighting, from the inside out Can you teach me how To go lightly
Little Annie 04:33
Little Annie (lyrics Bex Mather and Kirk McElhinney) She's torn over coals Her body shows the blows Her songs are where it's told Heart full of darkness, she crafts it into gold No nightingale... She, she never fades Like the stars in the sky How she plays night by night Lights blinding her eyes With the sound of applause Safe on the stage Keeping the wolf from the door Small thoughts, has she of sleep Her mind will not rest Carousels round the room As though precious little else will keep her from the deep
Hunting 03:39
Hunting (lyrics Bex Mather ) After you've gone Can't seem to make sense of it After the thunder After the flames I lie still believing Still believing in you Hold me up for gold Wrapped in silks As good as new Wash away these scars Come down Only you can love me After you've gone Empty presence makes no sense I second guess where when After you've gone Fighting off the tide Watch me slip away Hunting for your heart Find me in the dark Hunting for your heart Find me in the dark Hunting for your heart Find me, only you can love me
Salt the Wound (lyrics Bex Mather (No more have I the wings to fly line - from trad song) I say your name Just to hear it again Search the crowd for your face Salt the wound so you stay The wind still blows the blades Across the hills are velvet made And though my cries are lost into the sky No more have I the wings to fly No fix and no cure No promise of Dawn These cold nights last for years May the earth keep you warm I say your name Just to hear it again For the echo of flame Till the birds sing again


Welcome to the Safires universe. Here is our debut album "Epic in the Ordinary".


released April 4, 2010

Bex Mather - Vocals & Lyrics ,Guitar,Piano
Kirk McElhinney - Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics (bitta Piano)
Jason Singh - Beatbox, Drums & Percussion, Turntablo(ism) & Programming
David McEwan - Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Programming & Mixage

Special thanks to the talents and generosity of...

Ian Burdge & Sally Herbert on Strings and arrangements.
Grant Windsor on Piano.
Matt Halsall on Trumpet.
Alies Sluiter on Violin.
Aref Durvesh on Tabla
Chris Kibble on Piano
Mieko Shimizu on Piano Accordian
Reiad Chibah on Viola
Peter Hansen on Violin

UE Nastasi on Mastering


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